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Create a free account and play 10 EUROMILLIONS lines a week for FREE.

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Increase your chances of winning multi-million pound jackpots, from 15p per line.

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Account access from smartphone plus instant SMS notification of all wins.

Choose one of our syndicate plans.

All accounts include membership of the FREE syndicate plan.
  • Free 10
  • £0 forever
  • 10 lines per week
  • Syndicate size unlimited
  • 0p per line
  • Sign Up
  • Starter 20
  • £5 / week
  • 20 lines per week
  • Syndicate size 20
  • 25p per line
  • Sign Up
  • Pro 50
  • £10 / week
  • 50 lines per week
  • Syndicate size 30
  • 20p per line
  • Sign Up
  • VIP 100
  • £15 / week
  • 100 lines per week
  • Syndicate size 40
  • 15p per line
  • Sign Up
Syndicate plans can be cancelled at anytime.

What is a lottery syndicate?

A group of players who purchase lottery tickets collectively and share any winnings that occur.


This website provides access to EUROMILLIONS syndicates. You choose the price plan (from £0 to £15/week) that is most suitable. Lottery ticket purchases for the syndicate and prize distribution to syndicate members is then fully automated by our platform.

Flexible plans

Syndicate weekly price plans range from £0/week (10 lines, unlimited members) up to £15/week (100 lines, 40 members).

Instant notification

Syndicate members are all notified instantly via an SMS to registered mobile numbers, whenever their syndicate wins a prize.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the free plan work?
  • Members are automatically included in the FREE 10 syndicate plan when they open an account.
  • All members share in any prizes that the FREE 10 plan's 10 lines a week may win.
  • Prizes are shared equally between all active members.
  • Only one FREE 10 plan is permitted per member.
  • FREE 10 plan lines are paid for by EUROMILLIONS Syndicates as a marketing promotion.
2. How do the paid plans work?
  • Paid plans start from £5/week and give you access to syndicates with larger volumes of lines and limited syndicate sizes.
  • This means a higher chance of winning and a greater share of winnings.
  • Paid plans can be cancelled at any time. If a plan is cancelled, members are no longer eligible for a share of future syndicate prizes.
PLAN£/weekLines/weekSyndicate size
3. What is the minimum age to join a EUROMILLIONS lottery syndicate?
  • Members must be 18 or over to join a EUROMILLIONS lottery syndicate.
  • Age is verified using payment details on subscription signup.
4. Can I join a EUROMILLIONS syndicate from outside the UK?

You may join a EUROMILLIONS syndicate from outside the UK, but there are several points to consider.

  • You need a mobile phone number (cell phone number) capable of receiving a text message (SMS) to validate your account.
  • Prize payment transfers are free to UK and European (SEPA) banks accounts. A prize transfer fee may apply for other jurisdictions.
  • Tax treatment of lottery prizes may be different in other jurisdictions.
5. How are prizes paid out?

Syndicate prizes are automatically credited to member's online accounts. Member's can then request withdrawals to their designated bank account.

  • Minimum withdrawal amount is £10.
  • Withdrawal times are within 24 hours.
6. Can I subscribe to multiple plans?

Members may subscribe to as many premium plans as they wish.

7. Are syndicate winnings tax free?

Syndicate winnings are treated the same as any lottery winnings and are always treated as tax free in the UK.

If you do not find the answer to your question listed above, you can always ask a question directly via our Online Chat

Latest EUROMILLIONS results

Draw date Ball numbers + Lucky Stars Jackpot Millionaire Maker
Fri 1 Jul 2022 6 18 24 34 46 + 3 12 £0
Tue 28 Jun 2022 10 35 42 47 48 + 2 11 £0
Fri 24 Jun 2022 10 17 28 44 50 + 8 12 £138,565,344 MBRN 5821
Tue 21 Jun 2022 6 23 36 39 47 + 8 10 £123,428,111 TVPD 9130
Fri 17 Jun 2022 19 21 22 31 38 + 7 11 £111,761,000 MXQG 1879
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